Don’t let life happen to you!

Business Coaching

I just felt like giving up. I said that it was not worth it. I need to get a full time job. I can’t let the family down. I need to take care of them. Business had been bad. Money was running low. Customers were not coming in. We seemed to have reached the end of the road for entrepreneurship.  It was at this point that I called my best friend who was also my accountability partner and told him that I am quitting… giving up… will get a full time job.

“Ron, Don’t let life happen to you. You make life happen!” He was encouraging me not to let life’s circumstances dictate what I would do but to make life happen based on who the Creator made me to be and what my destiny is. He was encouraging me that this challenging time was only for a short time and to give my dreams another shot. He was so convinced in what I was called me to do. Thank God for friends like that. That’s when I said “okay, I’ll try. I will give it another shot”.

I started thinking again about our passion, vision, dreams & desires.  We began a process of reinventing ourselves and our company. Understanding one’s destiny, i.e., where one is headed in life is very important.  It helps one to say no to all the other distractions no matter how good they really are. For me, understanding that I was called to be an Entrepreneur was important. It’s only then that I decided to pay the price no matter what the cost.

Life’s challenges, obstacles and circumstances will infact become the very ingredients that prepare you for your destiny. The very obstacles that seem to derail us will form the stepping stones to future success.  In reality, it is rather foolish to think that there would be no obstacles. Many a times, when people see obstacles, they become totally discouraged or paralyzed, but it calls for a radical shift in your thought paradigm.

Allow me to ask you a few questions –

  1. Have you felt like giving up lately?
  2. What are the circumstances/ challenges that seem to derail you?
  3. As you visualize your future, what are the obstacles that could prevent you from achieving that bright future?
  4. What is the single action that you need to take immediately that will begin the process of transforming the obstacles into opportunities into results?
  5.  When did you take an audit of your thoughts, words & actions? Are they pointing you towards your destiny or towards discouragement?
  6. Who is your accountability partner?
  7. Do you have an inner circle that you can count on?

For those of you who seemed to have figured their destiny, just ask the above questions about some of the biggest projects you are currently handling.

I would love to hear about some of the challenges you have/ are facing and how you are handling it.
Sincerely hope you will not allow life’s circumstances to dictate what you need to pursue or go after!

Until then,


Ronald Raj
CEO Coach & Business Growth Expert