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ThoughtCapital® works with ambitious Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Business Owners find proven and tested strategies that unlock exponential growth in significantly less time. We coach our clients to design, develop & implement a strategic growth roadmap to build a multi-million/ billion dollar corporation.



Years of Cumulative Experience

01. Insightful

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to identify problems before they become too big to manage. We believe in seeing the big picture so you can focus on deriving the maximum from your effort.

02. Experienced

Engage with a group of passionate people who thrive on embracing change. They come from diverse backgrounds but have the singular focus – to help our clients be the best.

03. Realistic

Join us in a journey as we approach problems directly and steadfastly. Delivering value and striving to create market leadership for our clients are always on our minds.

Who We Are

Our Story

What does it take to envision the future? With a humble beginning of INR 200 (approximately USD 4), it may have been inconceivable.

It took years of hard work and many success stories to build the trust our stakeholders have in us. To get us to a place which we can be proud of today. When we look back at our humble beginnings we not just feel excited but also grateful 

to God that we are able to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and also make a difference to the community.

With our focus on doing things right and ensuring our success is linked to our client’s growth, we don’t take anything for granted, because we know what it means to be uncertain of the future. And we have the experience to know that foresight and commitment will get us there.

Our Values

Our foundation is steeped in values which we believe will make the world a better place for our stakeholders and us.

At ThoughtCapital® we are guided by –

Ethics: What is core to our ability to give our best is the belief of doing what’s right. It is this mirror we use to model the way in every assignment that we take up.

Tenacity: Our humble beginnings made us who we are – spirited and strong-willed. We understand that hard work with wisdom makes us a unit that can overcome all odds.

Respect for all: We learn from each other, from our mistakes, from our successes. We value opinions, listen intently and take feedback seriously. All this because we respect that everyone is unique and each individual’s viewpoint has something of merit.

Driven: Raising the bar each time we make progress is a motto at Thought Capital. When we challenge the status quo we also stretch beyond our comfort zones and learn a lot more.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Given our roots, we know that no effort is less when it comes to making a world of difference to the community around us.

Our constant endeavour to empower grass root communities has led our Foundation to make an impact in its first year with the funding of a school in the outskirts of Bangalore, INDIA. The school needed infrastructure and we made sure to enable quality and safe education to their students.

That initiative led to many more – which has got us travelling to villages to counsel people on life’s challenges. We have also organized medical camps and are building student centers to benefit the youth.

Our Team

As experts in making businesses future-ready we know that our offerings touch millions of people every day. That puts immense responsibility on our shoulders and we have an able leadership team that steers our strategy and vision by upholding our values as well as guiding our people to the best for our stakeholders.

 They excel in putting our clients’ brands on the right track and hand-hold solutions till they fructify. Their years of experience and wisdom from countless assignments provide the foundation for the future ready businesses we  strive to make.

Ronald Raj S J

Founder & CEO, Business Growth Expert

Exponentially grew revenues by 12,500 times during a peak recession view profile

Steve Adams

Senior Business & Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur

He’s been on the leadership team as an owner or partner for five different businesses.

Joseph Sharp

Author, Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur

Advocate for the Sandler Sales process and a Master Graduate of The Strategic Coach

Jagdish Kini

Growth Expert

Leader and strategist leader and strategist in the FMCG, Retail and Telecom industry

Mohan Krishnan

Growth Expert

over 20 years of experience working for clients in India, Germany, APAC and Europe.

Madana Kumar

Growth Expert

Leadership positions in Manufacturing, Technology, Total Quality, and Project Management, etc.

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