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Let’s face it. You are right now deeply concerned if not anxious and worried as to how your business/ career will look like in the post COVID world. Often, fear grips your heart thinking about the stability of your business/ career, your family’s well-being and the gloomy uncertainty of your financial future.

We see you. We know exactly how you feel. We have been there through pain, frustration and huge disappointments.

Starting with big dreams and a beautiful family, I look a leap of faith into entrepreneurship after 10 years of rich corporate experience. But pretty soon, I was down to just 200 in the bank account with a debt of 1,50,000 to pay for my Dad’s surgery, huge credit card debt and totally uncertain as to how to make monthly payments towards our car loan. At that time, I was the sole breadwinner in my family. To make matters worse, the world was heading straight into (what was then described as the) worst recession after the 1930s. ThoughtCapital® was born during these times of hardship.

Our results: We went from 200 to 2.5 Million in 12 months during a peak recession. An exponential growth of 12,500 times during these extreme challenging conditions was an exciting start to our entrepreneurial journey.

We recently experienced 8X growth in our revenues while working towards making a significant impact in our nation.


We partnered with the World’s Largest Leadership Development Organization – Global Leadership Network to facilitate CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in increasing their influence, impact and build our nation’s economy.

As for your financial future, you can put your fears aside. Here’s the good news!

Did you know that there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than at any other time in history? Not everyone suffers during times of recession.  Opportunities, that were not present during the economic boom, suddenly became available. An economic downturn is a good time to start a business. Start-up costs are much lower in a recession than in boom periods. Savvy entrepreneurs edged in and positioned themselves for growth when the economic climate improved. This was also time they worked to get the business fundamentals right before increased orders made it too hectic for them to build and test their business models.

Businesses born during times of recession have created enormous wealth and changed the world for good.  Question is – Are you ready? Is it time for you to change the world? Now?

Whether you are a wannapreneur, solopreneur or an established entrepreneur you will learn not only how to navigate these uncertain times but also find inspiration, encouragement and practical wisdom to re-invent yourself, your team and your organization. You will also learn about the mind-set, strategic tools and frameworks we use to capture, execute and exponentially scale our revenues several times. By the end of this session, you will find that your confidence will have soared and you would be raring to starting dreaming again.

Takeaways –

  1. Experience a paradigm shift from a “Victim Mindset” to a “Winning Mindset”.
  2. Our Transformational Growth Journey – Mindset, Tools, Frameworks & Strategies.
    Implement these to scale your own business exponentially.
  3. How we identified and aligned our passion, unique strengths to market needs.
  4. How to recognize the blind-spots that is sabotaging your success story.
  5. Nine Critical Elements to build a Successful Business Model for your 10X Growth.
  6. Case Studies – 10X Growth Blueprint to Build a Billion Dollar Business across 30 Nations
  7. Best Practices from a Billion Dollar Company with 55,000 Employees across 65 Countries.Okay, few last words. Don’t just dream.

    Act. Realize. Achieve. Live Your Dreams!
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    See you on the other side.

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Facilitated By

Ronald Raj S J

Founder & CEO, ThoughtCapital®,

Business Growth Expert & CEO Coach  

Ron, a CEO, Business & Life Coach has two decades of rich experience having served a few of the Top 10 Global Brands across different industries. Over the years, he has partnered with a spectrum of leading global organizations including those with over 55,000 employees across 65 countries and billion dollars in revenues. He exponentially grew revenues by 12,500 times during a peak recession!

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