INR 200 To USD 5 Billion

What can you do with INR 200 today?

Spend on a medium-sized pizza and coke? Movie tickets? A book? Fuel? Transport? How far can this money go? Where will 200 take you 30 years down the road?

I recently read a story in Economic Times, India’s leading Financial daily. A young man in his 20s boarded an unreserved compartment in a train travelling from Kolkata to Mumbai. He sat beside the toilet cleaning beetle leaves and making sure that they stay fresh for the entire journey. He sold them at Mumbai, bought toys and boarded the train back to Kolkata. His net income from selling beetle leaves and toys was 200. Cut the story short and 30 years later, this man was talking about investing USD 5 Billion across different industries over the next 5 years. His name: Nikhil Gandhi. How did he do it? Well, it’s a story for next time.

Let’s look at another story. A leap of faith into entrepreneurship after 10 years of rich corporate experience with big dreams and a beautiful family but down to just 200 in the bank account, a debt of 1, 50,000 to pay for a surgery, credit card, car loan, sole breadwinner and to make matters worse… heading straight into the worst recession after the 1930s. ThoughtCapital™ was born during these times of hardship. Our results: Revenues of 2.5 Million in less than a year of inception. An exponential growth of 12,500 times under these challenging circumstances leads us to the next question. Where will we be 30 years down the road? The answer remains to be seen…

My intention in narrating these two stories is not to talk about achievements. I merely want to draw our attention to this one powerful word that can change lives and shape destinies – ‘VISION’. If given a choice to leave just one inheritance for the next generation, absolutely nothing else, and what I hold dear to myself…then it’s this one statement –

“A king with no vision will lose everything, but a man on the streets with one powerful vision will embark on the most beautiful journey of his life!”

Vision in simple terms is a big picture of where you see yourself 5, 10, 15 years down the line.

  • What is your Vision?
  • Have you written it down?
  • Do you see it every day?
  • What are you doing about it?

It can determine where your INR 200 will take you…

Until next time!

Ronald Raj
Founder & CEO, ThoughtCapital™
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