CEO Coaching Intake

Goal: This session will help you understand the power of coaching, get familiar with coaching, help you to be open to change – and start making mental shifts

Intake Questions

Our challenging questions open your mind to new possibilities. This will help us get valuable information as to how you feel about yourself and your business – and what you might need help with.

10X Coaching Goals

We ask you not only to set your 10X Goals, but to also set goals for working with us. When both of us are clear on what you want to achieve, you have a clear focus for the sessions to keep returning to

Business History Map

Great exercise to quickly and easily get a background history on your business – and get insight into what challenges and excites you the most. It also provides us valuable information

Assessing the Current Situation

Goal: To get a clear idea of your business strengths and shortcomings – from as many angles as possible. We use this information to inform goals – and drive the direction the coaching will take

Business Audit

This coaching exercise is essential to any CEO. This helps one to get a really clear idea of what is going well, what is not going so well, what to worry about and what to build on

Boost Your Business Strengths

A simple, but powerful exercise to focus on 3 key strengths and identify ways to BOOST them. The opportunity for our greatest growth lies in our strengths

Business Weakness Zapper

Use this tool’s 5 weakness – zapping strategies to drive out pragmatic solutions and next steps to reduce or eliminate business weakness.

Business Goal-Setting and Tracking Tools

Goal: We will help you set powerful business goals that align with your company’s mission and vision. We ensure that your long-term goals map onto day-to-day business activities through annual and quarterly goal-setting – and also set, track and monitor the monthly action plan

Annual Business Goals Planner

Helps you identify your Top 10 Goals you want to be working on over the next 12 months – and 3 critical actions to get started on your Top 3 goals

10X Vision

We will get you to connect with a larger vision for your business and ultimately, where do you see yourself and your business heading? This session will inspire you & give you an excellent framework to work with

Weekly/ Daily Action Planner

This action planning tool will help you plan out your Top 3-5 Key Actions for the week, identify “Quick Wins” & more and also plan DAILY actions that will move you towards your weekly goals

Quarterly Goals-at-a-Glance

Helps you summarise and track your Top 7 Goals for the Quarter on a one-page tracking sheet that you can use to consistently track your  progress.

10X Mission Statement

In this exercise, you will define and clearly understand the purpose of your business, as you see it. A great mission statement will help you define and clarify the purpose in under 30 seconds and gives you focus and direction

Monthly Action Tracker

Tracks up to 25 actions you may have for the month including who you need to delegate to/ require support from.

Business Vision into Action

We will make it easy for you to define tangible short-term and long-term goals by helping you see what you want over the next 3 – 5 years and then work back to what you need to be doing in the next 3 months

Helping The CEO Become More Effective

Goal: Our productivity, priority and time management tools are incredibly useful for any CEO, Entrepreneur or Business Owner who is typically trying to manage multiple competing issues and demands on their time. We will help you become more productive – and reduce your stress through better time, action and priority management

Urgent – Important Matrix Template

Probably the best tool to show that planning prevents crises from arising and helps you identify your own unique time wasters and interruptions

Delegation Identifier

If you are trying to do everything yourself, this exercise is a great way to help you identify – and get excited and inspired about – delegating. What do you hate doing? What do they love? What do you just never seem to “get around to”?

Action Priority Matrix Tool

A super-simple technique to identify quick wins – and avoid painful and unnecessary ‘hard slog’ tasks. Great to help you complete high impact tasks first!

Interruptions Blaster

If you’re always being interrupted (or keep interrupting yourself) this is a powerful awareness-raising tool to identify unique interrupters, set actions with the help of several interruption management tips and techniques

Big Rocks Exercise

Help you understand the importance of prioritising goals and actions. If we don’t do the “Big Rocks” first, then the sand and pebbles will fill your time and we don’t get what is MOST important done

Personal Effectiveness Tools.

Goal: Our productivity, priority and time management tools are incredibly useful for any CEO, Entrepreneur or Business Owner who is typically trying to manage multiple competing issues and demands on their time. We will help you become more productive – and reduce your stress through better time, action and priority management

Personal SWOT Analysis

Take a look at your personal strengths and weaknesses: Where are you sabotaging yourself? Where could you make huge strides forward? How could you bring that into your business?

Boost Your Personal Strengths

Taking your 3 favourite strengths, how could you use these to be even more successful?

Daily Success Habits

This tool helps setting up daily habits that make you more effective in managing their time and priorities better – as well as taking better care of yourself so that they have more balance and energy in your life

Personal Weakness Zapper

Use this tool’s 5 weakness-zapping strategies to drive out pragmatic solutions and next steps to reduce the impact of you weaknesses

Life Balance and Energy Tools

Goal: Help you find more work-life balance and energy – so that you are happier and more effective

Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters

This weekly time-recording exercise gives the facts on how you are really spending your time. This exercise not only exposes time wasters, but will also help you see how much time you are spending on work-related activities – and how much on yourself and your loved ones

Business  Tolerations

What are you tolerating in your business? What is wearing you down and draining your energy? Just identifying and making a list is the first step to help you get things moving

Reclaim Your Energy at Work

We will help you see what percentage of time you are really happy and unhappy at work, we will help you identify critical factors for your happiness and pick 3 actions to do something differently. Gives you the power of awareness – so you can make a change

What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

What are you holding onto that is dragging you or your business down? WHY are you holding onto it? Whether it’s something in your business or personal lives, letting go will give you an energy boost. This powerful session will help you do exactly that.

Global Awareness:

Develop both an appreciation and an interest in global awareness and global management that will
lead to further self-study and self-examination.

Setting Strategic Goals

Practice the process of SWOT analysis, identification of impact areas, and based on your learning from your previous session on Long Range Planning, set strategic goals for your organization.

Scenario Planning

Contemplate various elements of the future and begin a process of determining their effect on your business.

High-Performance Teams

Study the characteristics of a successful team, practice teamwork processes and examine the effectiveness of synergy in group decision making.

Managing Change

Examine the elements of change, how you personally relate to and handle change, and begin to prepare a methodology for handling change in your organization.

Organizational Design

Practice the process of organizational structure analysis – (Long and short-range objectives, opportunities, obstacles and benefits) to better determine its effectiveness.

Effective Performance Management

Understand the principles of effective performance discussions, practice and observe performance discussions.

Conflict Management

Gain a better understanding of the way you approach and handle conflict, how it might affect teamwork, group decisions and its effect on your inter-relations with people.


Study the use and misuse of delegation and ways it can increase managerial effectiveness and time utilization.


Examine the characteristics of leaders and leadership to determine what is needed to be considered a leader by your direct reports, supervisors and co-workers.

Stress Management

Examine your stress level and establish methods to deal with stress.

Customer Driven Service

Examine the elements necessary for Customer-Driven Service and compare your organization and yourself to these elements.

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