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New Era. New Opportunities. New Growth
To capture new opportunities, unlock new growth & maximize your influence, you need to reinvent yourself, your team and your organization. At The Global Leadership Summit more than 4,05,000 Leaders across 135+ Countries have started their journey to rediscover and reinvent themselves.

Are you ready to .re-invent?


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Why attend the Summit?

The Global Leadership Summit will challenge your current leadership paradigm, accelerate your growth and unleash the everyday brilliance of your teams. A One-day unique transformational experience filled with leadership wisdom, case studies, best practices from Fortune 500 companies and real-life experiences. 


percent of attendees

apply new team-building skills learned at the Summit and "agree" or "strongly agree" that those skills have improved the quality of their work.


percent of attendees

say they would have quit their leadership position without inspiration from GLS speakers to persevere


percent of attendees

"agree" or "strongly agree" that they found a greater sense of significance and satisfaction from a new leadership position the Summit inspired them to pursue.


percent of attendees

cite concerete ways the Summit inspired them to: serve the poor(35%), help youth (24%), educate others (23%), comfort the hurting (18%) and fight injustice (12%)

.Reinvent Now


- Your difference is your destiny

- Lead by influence instead of control

- Learning from 100 days of rejection (experiment)

- Overcome fears & failures to emerge as a strong leader

- Overcome decision fatigue

- How to bounce back from leadership


- High-Performance functions of a creative leader

- Framework to lead brilliant, prolific &
healthy teams

- Create a stable culture that empowers your team to take bold risks

- Becoming a leader worth following

- Leading across generations (Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X)

- Plucks fly together


- How to invest less and get better returns

- Pivot your business model to unlock exponential growth

- Overcome organizational constraints to unlock massive innovative breakthroughs

- Finding true wealth

- Leveraging your leadership to help others achieve their dreams

- Trends that shape generation

Learn from World’s Best CEOs,Authors Entrepreneurs & Business Gurus

Summit Speakers

The World Class Faculty Via Videocast Guarantees to deliver a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can apply immediately.


Craig Groeschel

Speaker, Author, Top 25 CEOs in the U.S. (SME)

Overcoming Limitations to Get Massive Innovation Breakthroughs

Ask Yourself-
1. Where do we have constraints in your organization?
2. Where are we getting stuck?
3. Where do we need a real breakthrough?
4. Are there practical tools that


Bear Grylls

Adventurer; Best-Selling Author; TV Host

Leadership in the midst of fears, failures, storms & Near Death Moments..

What would you do when failures far outweigh the successes many times over – the failed expeditions, the failed projects and the near-death moments? Do those near-death moments still haunt you in the night?


Liz Bohanan

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sseko Designs; Author

What if 75% of your revenue dries up?

Imagine you spent 5 – 6 years of your life investing time, money and energy in building a successful product or a business channel. What if this product or business channel now accounts for 75% of your annual business revenues? You and your team might be celebrating this success.


Jia Jiang

Best-Selling Author; Blogger; Entrepreneur

One thing that STOPS CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders from accomplishing more…

It is said that the graveyard is the richest place on earth. That’s where you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, books that were never written, songs that


Todd Henry

Founder, Accidental Creative; Author;

Do you have a clear framework to strategically lead a powerful team of brilliant, driven people?

Many business leaders don’t have a clear framework to carefully, individually and strategically lead a powerful team of brilliant, driven people. They are promoted from within their organizations and suddenly find themselves leading people who were once their peers.


Other Powerful & Exclusive Speaker Sessions on Summit USB

Aja Brown
Founder, Home For Good; Social Entrepreneur<
Dr. Krish Kandiah
Founder, Home For Good; Social Entrepreneur
Chris Voss
Former FBI Hostage Negotiator; CEO & Founder, The Black Swan Group
Jo Saxton
Author; Leadership Coach; Entrepreneur
DeVon Franklin
Producer, Author, Speaker; CEO Of Franklin Entertainment

Summit Speakers over the Years..


Bill Clinton

Former President - USA


Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister


Vijay Govindarajan

Strategy and Innovation Expert


Jim Collins

Researcher, Author & Speaker


Simon Sinek 

Best Selling Author


Sheryl Sandberg

COO - Facebook


Jack Welch

Former chairman & CEO - GE


Carly Fiorina 

Former CEO - Hewlett-Packard


T. D. Jakes 

Entrepreneur, Author & filmmaker


Melinda Gates 

American philanthropist

Register Now

March 07, 2020 at Hotel Lalit  Ashok, Bengaluru, INDIA



Rs.  2,000
per delegate

  • Summit Handbook
  • Lunch
  • Network with CEO, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Access to GLS Learning Community


per delegate

  • All Plus Features
  • Team Edition Summit USB (Includes sessions of all World-Class speakers like Patrick Lencioni, Jason Dorsey, Bozoma St. John, Jo Saxton + Grander Vision Videos + Notes)

CEO Conclave

per delegate

  • All Professional Features
  • Seating with other CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Angel Investors & VCs
  • CEO and Business Growth Assessment
  • 10X Growth BootCamp (One Day Scale & Transform Workshop)
  • Investor Connect – Opportunity to pitch for investments

Team Edition

(Team of 10 delegates)

  • All Professional Features
  • Seating with other CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Angel Investors & VCs
  • CEO and Business Growth Assessment
  • 10X Growth BootCamp (One Day Scale & Transform InHouse Workshop)
  • Investor Connect – Opportunity to pitch for investments

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