Liz Bohanan
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What if 75% of your revenue dries up?

Liz Bohanan

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sseko Designs; Author

Imagine you spent 5 – 6 years of your life investing time, money and energy in building a successful product or a business channel. What if this product or business channel now accounts for 75% of your annual business revenues? You and your team might be celebrating this success. Unfortunately you also quickly realize that these revenues would soon dry up because the industry is now headed in a different direction.

 - How would you and your team react/ respond to these changes?

 - Is there a secret sauce that will help you successfully navigate through these changes?

 - Can you pivot your business model to not only survive but actually thrive?

 - How can your new business model help generate more revenue and have a lasting impact on the community at the    same time?

At the Global Leadership Summit, Liz debunks the myth of finding your passion and instead uses her entrepreneurial journey to explore actionable principles for not finding, but building a life of purpose, passion and impact. Sseko Designs now clocks several millions of dollars in annual revenues and hundreds of employees on different continents.

Liz Bohanan

Liz Bohanan, Co-founder & CEO of a socially conscious fashion brand called Sseko Designs. Liz shares her incredible journey of how she started with a desire to learn about the challenges facing women and girls around the world, designing a pair of sandals, selling them at the back of her car, pivoting her business model (when 75% of Sseko’s business revenues used to come from one business channel but the industry was headed in a different direction) and transforming Sseko Designs into an international lifestyle fashion brand.

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