3 Reasons It’s Ok To Keep Your Head In The Clouds

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What’s your biggest dream?

If you struggle to answer, it’s about time you start dreaming again!

Dreaming places you on the verge of birthing your best idea, your best self, your greatest triumph.

Indeed, allowing ourselves to dream, and dream big, puts us on the path to our greater purpose. As C.S. Lewis famously wrote, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

It’s a staggering fact that only six percent of us will get to participate in the careers we dreamed of when we were younger. But we can reverse this trend in all areas of our lives by keeping our thoughts positive, passionate and powerful.

Here are three reasons why today is the perfect day to dream big and keep your head in the clouds:


1) Our dreams inform our actions.

Working every day is a grind—even in a job you enjoy. The antidote to a mind-numbing routine comes by keeping inspiration at our fingertips. When you have downtime, keep your thoughts occupied with your dreams, goals and wishes for yourself. Researchers have found that seeing positive, powerful images actually improves our “performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness.” Place quotes and pictures around your desk and at home that spark creativity and give rise to your dream. Use your computer and phone backgrounds to emit powerful, consistent messages about the life you deserve and then take concrete steps toward your goals.


2) Fear cannot reach such altitudes.

Keeping our heads in the clouds, or rather keeping our thoughts elevated toward becoming our best selves, requires consistent practice. The new business owner who questions himself daily, for example, wringing his hands in fear of failure, straps fear in the driver’s seat. He’s not birthing his dream but rather his despair. This fear, however brief, causes immediate physical reactions; it activates the flight or fight response in the region of our brain called the amygdala. Operating from fear invites negativity.

Even the smallest step forward gets us closer to the birth of something momentous. Fear cannot reach such heights!


3) Our children will learn that the sky’s the limit.

Researchers have found that our upbringing directly impacts the choices we make, well into our own retirement years. The patterns learned early hold the most weight, so let’s teach our children how to birth their own greatness.

Let’s show our kids that the sky’s the limit—not with empty words, but with our actions.


When they see us taking classes at night to change our career, they notice. When they see us acting positively and proud to pay our bills, not hanging our heads and complaining about the cost of everything, they notice. Our actions and feelings directly influence our children’s behavior. Your current transformation makes real the potential of their dreams.

Keep your head in the clouds as you live each day, led by your passion and guided by your inner vision.

Be a dreamer!

Birth your best self as all good things await!

T.D. Jakes

Founder, The Potters House

T.D. Jakes has a proclivity to disrupt the status quo, and is one of the most globally-recognized influencers in business, education, film and entertainment. With his earnest approach, Jakes has been able to reach millions of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and creeds.