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How do you build a Billion Dollar Business with 55,000 employees across 65 countries around the globe? One of the powerful philosophies was to create & nurture a strong team of Intrapreneurs.

For instance, in 2000, IBM acknowledged that running existing businesses with incremental improvements wasn’t enough to grow revenue, so it launched a project to foster internal start-ups. Some of them failed to bear fruit, but some succeeded, adding $ 15.2 Billion in the first 5 years alone, more than twice as much as acquisitions did.

Entrepreneurship is “the process of creating value by bringing together a unique combination of resources to exploit an opportunity. Intrapreneurship can been defined similarly, although the behavior occurs within established firms. During an organization’s early life, a culture was built around innovation (creativity plus execution), calculated risk-taking and taking proactive steps to create compelling products and solutions. The founding team made several mistakes and picked themselves up each time they got knocked down. In the face of several challenges, this never-say-die attitude helped drive success, create growth and propelled them to their current position today. Unfortunately, once an organization grows big, unnecessary rules & bureaucracy affects its mojo.

Today, many enterprises are creating a spirit of intrapreneurship to re-energize and re-invent the culture that helped create its initial success. Business Leaders are therefore responsible to create and support the mechanisms that reward their people for their innovative & risk-taking ability. Intrapreneurs are much required to sustain, grow and become competitive. Today and tomorrow!

Building a Strong Team an Intrapreneurs - A Transformational Journey

Activity Description
Becoming an Intrapreneur – Phase 1

– 5 day intensive Boot camp Training

Topics Include:

Mindset of an Intrapreneur
Born to Lead, Dare to Dream, Heart of a Leader, Leadership Growth, Leading during Tough Times, Handling Greatest Leadership Challenges,

Strategic Thinking

Defining Strategy, Examining the Process, Thinking Short-and-Long Term, Preparing for Strategic Success, Looking to the future, Assess your Strategic Thinking, Assessing your Skills & Capabilities, Analyzing Competitors, etc.,

Business Launch: One Page Strategy Plan

Identifying opportunities, Focusing on a specific business idea, Turning an idea into   business, Vision, Mission, Core Values, Long Term Strategy [3-10 years], Business Objectives [3-5 years], SWOT Analysis, SMART Goals, Annual Plan, Milestones, Quarterly plans, Rewards & Celebration.

Managing People

Power of Partnerships, Art of delegation, Teamwork makes Dream Work, Understanding Peoples Needs, Gaining Trust & Commitment, Adjusting Your Approach, Teaching by Example, Nurturing Talent, Encouraging Management Potential, Motivating People, Improving Performance,

Marketing Effectively

Putting Customer First – Understanding Marketing, Analyzing the Market Mix, Getting to Know Your Customers, Understanding Customer Buying, Building Relationships, Winning New Customers, Building Strong Products – Improving Products, Differentiating your Products, Developing a Brand, Achieving Growth through Products, Maximizing Publicity: Campaign Management – Digital Marketing, Print, Radio, Direct Mail,

Selling Successfully

Dealing with Customers – Understanding Types of Customers, Finding Customers,   Researching Customers, Communicating Effectively, Providing Customer Service, Satisfying Customers, Making a Successful Sale – Planning the Approach, Using AIDCA, Effective Presentations, Negotiating Terms, Clinching the Deal, Managing Sales Teams – Leading a Team, Training your Team, Managing Sales calls, Fixing Targets, Providing Rewards and Recognizing Achievements, Effective Sales Meetings, Skills Assessment.

Managing Projects

Defining Basics, Examining Key Roles, Essentials for Project Success, Defining the Stages, Checking Feasibility, Prioritizing Projects, Planning the Project, Defining the Vision,

Setting Objectives, Assessing Constraints, Committing Resources, Scheduling, Validating the Plan, Implementing a Plan, And Monitoring Performance.

Managing Budgets

Budgeting and Business Strategy, Managing the Budgeting Process, Preparing to Budget, Writing a Budget – Gathering Information, Anticipating Revenues, Estimating Expenditure, Understanding Costs, Producing the Figures, Understanding Capital Budgets, Producing Cash Budgets, Consolidating Budgets, Finalizing a Budget, Monitoring a Budget – Analyzing Discrepancies, Monitoring Variances, Analyzing Budget Errors, Investigating Unexpected Variances, Making Adjustments, Recognizing Behavioral Problems, Building on Budgeting, Assessing your Skills.

Mastering Accounts 

Understanding a Profit and Loss Account, Looking at Gross Profit, Determining Operational Profit, Evaluating the Bottom line, Understanding Balance Sheets, Examining Fixed Assets, Working with Current Assets, Understanding Liabilities, Analyzing shareholders Funds, Using Cash Flow Statements, Producing Cash Flow Forecasts, Measuring PerformanceUnderstanding Ratios, Analyzing a Profit and Loss Accounts, Reading a Balance Sheet, Understanding Investors Ratios, Gathering more Information, Making Future Financial Decisions.

Annual Membership to Business Excellence & Leadership Centre
Monthly Talks CEO/ Entrepreneur/ Expert Talk
Success Stories & Failures
Knowledge Sharing Sessions
[Additional Skills on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Life Skills]
Open Coffee Club Morning one-hour informal Meetups.
Annual Conferences/Colloquiums Inspirational CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Speakers
Panel Discussions
Mentoring Sessions
Elevator pitches
Resource Centre Access to Library of rich resources on Intrapreneurship, Leadership, Strategy & Business Growth, Growth across other critical life dimensions like Spiritual, Family, etc.,

ThoughtCapital also facilitates several Organization Development workshops including specific areas such as Strategy, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Human Capital and Sales & Marketing.

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