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The success measure of every organisation can be ascertained quite easily by the quality of its leadership.

High quality leadership will almost certainly ensure growth and prosperity for all within its sphere of influence.

On the other hand, poor leadership has and will continue to cause the downfall of many a company, even those that might have experienced some measure of temporary success.

Contrary to the myth that leaders are born and not made, research proves otherwise. While a person has had quality leadership modelled to him/ her all their lives, on this alone, they may or may not go on to become good leaders. On the other hand, those aspiring toward authentic leadership and who are willing to commence the long and, sometimes, lonely journey – will eventually get there… a leader worth following.

ThoughtCapital® dedicates much of its expertise and the continuous sharpening of skills that are geared toward the development of competent and credible leaders and, since leadership is not a position but a calling, leaders can be found and groomed at all levels in the organisation.

Research beyond the business plan

CEO Coaching – leading from the top

Executive Coaching – transformation starts through members of the top team

High Potentials Coaching – broadening the base of potential leaders

Leadership Coaching – developing leadership-specific competencies

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – developing the key competency of leadership

360° Leadership Feedback – ascertaining areas for development

Leader Assessments – ascertaining areas for development

Foundational Leadership Workshop – learning to lead

Effective Leadership Workshop – upgrading to a higher calling

Inspirational Leadership Workshop – unleashing full potential leadership

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