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Strategic Growth Accelerate your Business

Growth is a hot topic today. How can we consistently churn out double-digit growth year after year, whether the economy is in a recession or on a roll, whether you are in a high-growth, mature or stagnant market?

Today, Business Leaders are judged by their success or failure in achieving sustained, profitable growth.

Every organization requires a business leader who is a visionary, focuses on growth, assesses the future direction & guides the company towards success. As business prepares for growth, it’s not unusual for small & mid-size companies to face strategic challenges similar to those of larger organizations.
A full one-third of the companies listed in Fortune 500 during the early 70s had vanished by early 80s – acquired, merged or broken to pieces – in just over a decade. To overcome uncertainty, competition and business challenges, you need insight, clarity and the right partner to prepare you for growth.


An effective growth strategy will depend on a comprehensive set of in-depth insights across multiple dimensions such as Business Landscape, Leadership, Organization Culture, Brand Management, Sales & Marketing, Networks, Operational Excellence, Human Capital Management and Intellectual Properties.

Our proprietary diagnostic framework will analyze insights from the leading industry experts, key customers, key employees and help benchmark with competitors against each of the above dimensions.

These deep insights would help you –

  • Formulate better strategy
  • Assess strategy execution
  • Predict future business performance
  • Benchmark performance
  • Send signals to all stakeholders (external and internal)
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How do you build a Billion Dollar Business?

Growth ConsultingAccelerate your Business

CEOs are faced with the next biggest challenge: how to grow now that the daunting task of surviving the start-up phase is over. We will help you focus on “how-to” design a business that can scale up. Based on our rich experiences and extensive research, we understand the various growth challenges you are likely to face. We will work with you to overcome these challenges, chart a growth strategy, walk the course and help you realize business results.

Generally, CEOs assume that all growth is good; business has to either grow or die. While growth can create immense value, too much growth too fast can jeopardize an organization’s very existence.

Preparing for growth requires laying a strong foundation of effective processes, controls, and enhancing leadership capacity. Growth, whether incremental or disruptive, means change; hence, business growth needs to be planned well.

Our detailed growth diagnostics will help you –

  • Analyze how to approach Strategic Growth
  • Assess your organization’s readiness for growth
  • Form a concrete roadmap to fix the “missing” building blocks
  • Plan of action to take your business to the next level
  • How to prepare & manage its risks and pace.

While Thousand Dreams, the Startup Ecosystem addresses how to start a business, ThoughtCapital® Strategic Growth Services will help you learn how to thrive beyond the start-up phase.


If the rate of change inside your firm is slower than the rate of change occurring outside your firm, your end is in sight – Jack Welch

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The success measure of every organization can be ascertained quite easily by the quality of its leadership.

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Human Capital

Building a high-performance organization requires Human Resources to play a key role in effectively aligning people with business strategy.

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Sales & Marketing

The success measure of every organization can be ascertained quite easily by the quality of its leadership.

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Operational Excellence

Business leaders are increasingly burdened with not just focussing on business growth and managing investor expectations, but more so on aligning the internal systems and processes required to execute business strategy.

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Project Management

There is an increasing demand for better, faster, and more cost effective projects.

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