Growth Outsourcing

During our work across the multiple businesses, we realized what it takes to build a new business and scaling it to size. The skill-sets required for incubating and nurturing a new business line, while much sought by corporate sector, are rarely found. New products and markets require the operating managers to behave like entrepreneurs as well as carry out multi-tasking at the same time. They have to keep one eye on getting the business off the ground and the other on putting a method to the madness of starting a new business.

While CEOs are ultimately responsible for business results and to guide other strategic functions like Marketing, Human Resources amongst others, they have less and less time to devote to it. As a result, CEOs are appointing “CXOs”- seasoned executives specifically tasked with creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining a company’s strategic initiatives.

ThoughtCapital® will fill that space for entrepreneurial spirit and for the methods that are required to bring help SMEs to scale their business. We can act as your interim CXO. We can help you right through the various stages of business life cycle.

CXO positions include Chief Operations Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Quality Officer, etc.

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