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The average life expectancy of a multinational corporation – Fortune 500 or its equivalent – is between 40 and 50 years. This figure is based on most surveys of corporate births and deaths. A full one-third of the companies listed in the 1970 Fortune 500, for instance, had vanished by 1983, acquired, merged or broken to pieces.

– The Living Company: Habits for survival in a turbulent business environment

ThoughtCapital® offers Strategy and Business Transformation Services to Businesses.


“The power of thought” has changed the way we live, transact, run business and reap capital gains.

ThoughtCapital® specializes in working with CEOs, business leaders, change agents and managers on critical business challenges. ThoughtCapital® offers 360° business advisory services to Governments and Businesses. Worldwide. We bring you rich team of former CEOs, Managing Directors, business leaders, thought leaders, industry leading experts, practitioners, researchers and academicians. We have advised, incubated, nurtured, evolved, transformed and revived businesses across industries and continents.

With us, you can sustain and reinvent your business decade after decade.

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