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ThoughtCapital® and Rich Experience

ThoughtCapital® draws its rich cumulative experience by partnering with leading and innovative organizations, former CEOs, thought leaders, industry leading experts, practitioners, researchers and academicians. We have advised, incubated, nurtured, evolved, transformed and revived businesses across industries and continents. We have built excellent business systems, managed complex projects and spearheaded highly profitable businesses. This experience is brought to bear in offering rich knowledge, research and indepth expertise to several Fortune 500 companies.

Here is a glimpse of where ThoughtCapital® Growth experts and its partners have built their careers, consulted, coached, trained or conducted organisation wide Appraisals/ appraisals.

And quite a few of these figure in the Top 20 of Fortune 500 list!

* The above companies reflect the cumulative professional experience of ThoughtCapital® consultants and its partners over several years. They do not necessarily indicate the assignments executed by ThoughtCapital® directly.

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  • INR 200 To USD 5 Billion.

    What can you do with INR 200 today?

    Spend on a medium-sized pizza and coke? Movie tickets? A book? Fuel?

    May 14, 2018
  • Intrapreneurs Drive 10X Growth…

    You can never unlock 10X growth in your business without a culture of Intrapreneurship. I was privileged to coach & consult a Billion Dollar Company with about 55,000 employees across 65 countries. Many CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders I interact with were curious to know how this organization was able to create, build and sustain

    April 25, 2018

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